Wholesale Accounts

About Wholesale/Dropship Accounts

Couture Exotica, Inc & Lavender's Dream are two halves of the same whole. We are partnering together to bring more options and capabilities to our amazing clients and customers! For instance;
Lavender's Dream manages the Pole & Aerial Fitness classes as well as the retail website and brick & mortar locations. Couture Exotica, now fully manages our warehouses, B2B, wholesale, dropshipping, or bulk purchasers.

On this page you will find the guidelines to opening your wholesale/dropship accounts, minimum requirements, and our standards.


We offer true wholesale pricing. Everything in our store is available at wholesale cost. We do charge fees for dropshipping, however. The fee for dropshipping is $6. Shipping and handling fees will apply to dropship orders, wholesale orders, or bulk orders. There is a $10 non-refundable charge for any order that doesn't meet the minimum spend requirements for wholesale orders. There is also a 20% restocking fee for all returns unless the item is defective.

Accounts Required for Purchase

As of 10/15/2020, Couture Exotica (stripperoutlet.com), is allowing online wholesale accounts. Stripperoutlet.com will now be available for B2B, for wholesale, dropshipping, and high purchase order clientele.
Customers may continue to purchase products at retail without any stipulations or may shop at our retail site, LavendersDream.com. Wholesale Accounts won't be required to shop on our site, but an account is still required to shop on StripperOutlet.com. 

Who Can Get An Account?

Absolutely anyone and everyone. We allow anyone to open any type of account, and anyone may open a wholesale account as long as all requirements are met, anyone is able to purchase from our store at true wholesale costs. Having a Couture Exotica account is the ONLY restriction for retail shopping on our site. There are NO minimums for retail.


Yes, we do offer dropshipping. In order to open a dropshipping account, you're required to maintain an open and active wholesale account. 

We will dropship any item on our site for you, except for Pre-Orders. All dropship orders must be submitted to orders@coutureexotica.com and each order must be submitted separately.

Dropshipping Shipping Terms

You may send us your customer's invoice and your own shipping label (with your company address as the return address) and we will print them to use with the order.

You may send us your marketing materials, if you wish your dropship orders to be more personalized from your store and we will also use them with your orders.

Typically, we have  a 1-3 day processing time for filling dropship orders, however, may take up to 5 business days to fulfill. For these items, we will usually ship with a greatly discounted Expedited method of 2-Day Shipping to ensure your customers receive the items in Standard shipping time frames. 


In order to open a wholesale account, you're required to submit an Account Activation Request Packet, Credit Card Authorization Form, and a Credit Request Form (if you're seeking credit consideration). After submitting these forms, your account will be activated upon placement of your initial order.

Wholesale Minimum Requirements

There are requirements that must be met. Initial order is $500 for all new accounts. We have a monthly minimum of $300 in wholesale orders to remain active. If the monthly minimum hasn't been met then the account will be paused until an order is submitted. Pre-Orders can be applied to your minimums upon request however, making this request will waive your risk-free cancellation ability to cancel your pre-order prior to it's shipping. 

We also require a minimum of three (2) pieces per item, not per sku. You may request mixed sizes and colors to equal the minimum 2 pieces.

You may also request to have your monthly minimums met by receiving automated shipments of each months best sellers. With spending limits you may outline.

Discount Requirements

We have multi-tiered discount levels if you reach specific minimums. We offer discounted shipping, free shipping, as well as bundle packages with extra products for higher spend levels. Meaning the more you spend, the more you get. 

With an order spend of $1,500 (for a single order) or higher will earn an additional 5% off your order.

With an order spend of $5,000 (for a single order) or higher will earn an additional 10% off your order.

If maintaining a minimum of $2,000 spend per month, you will receive promo packages monthly. Your spend will determine the size of your promo package. If your spend is just over $2,000, you may receive apr. 10-20 pieces, but if your monthly spend is over $6,000, you may receive 50-100 pieces.

Promo Products will vary. You may receive lingerie sets or individual pieces, panties, thongs/g-strings, garters, leg wraps, stockings, etc. Mostly, Promo items are new releases or long-term favorites. Occassionally, the Promo pieces are clearance.

Please use the form below to receive the New Account Request Packet

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