Our Goal (Taken from the Journal)

Taken from our blog jurnal, these snippets will help you understand a little about why we have pushed through and why we have scaled our store to open across the Continental US. Ultimately, we plan to expand Worldwide.


For You To Love Your Look!

We are here to give you the tools you need to express yourself in a fun and unique way. Let your personality speak volumes with our clothes & shoes. Sexy can take on an entirely new meaning whenever you decide you want it to. Find your style, create your look, and put it on. Don't just wear the Sexy... Be it!

At Couture Exotica, we excel at helping our customers become who they want to be. You're probably thinking, What the hell? You sell high heels, lingerie, bathing suits and stripper clothes!  Well, you're absolutely right! We are just a clothing store. But what is clothing, exactly? It's the most basic fashion statement. Though, you never want your statement to be "basic." This is why we watch fashion shows and Youtube channels of people trying on clothes. What we wear has become such an ingrained part of us that we often don't pay as much attention to it as we think we do. In these cases we usually pick out something that others would want us to wear instead of our own choice. We choose something that speaks for others rather than something that speaks to us, for us.

However, there are times when how we dress is at the forefront of our minds. Those times are important and that's what we hope to make more fun. This is not about vanity and it's not even truly about appearances. We all know appearances are very deceiving. What we offer is Self-Expression. It's that simple. 

Self-expression can be captured in many forms, but why not start with the one thing we HAVE to do no matter what... get dressed? Express how you feel or how you want to feel by wearing something that will get your point across. This is how we can help. 

If you need something to tell everyone you're feeling quirky & fun or happy & exciting, find something that shines. If you're sad & blue, find something comfortable for a relaxing binge or something that dazzles so it's shines a light to uplift you. We have countless items embellished with rhinestones, sequins, or are holographic or metallic. Find a shimmery bodysuit to wear under your favorite jeans. Or better yet, a sexy little black dress for a night on the town. 

We will soon be offering a customer experience you will never forget! Already, we offer much to our customers by carrying, not just clothes, but shoes and lingerie, as well. We also have fitness enhancers for our local clients. And we're adding feminine & toy accessories in June. We will not be carrying adult toys, however.

Loyalty Rewards

We are bringing a wealth of incentives to all of our customers. We are establishing a rewards system that will rival our competitors. Bear in mind, our store is young (on a National scale) so it's in our best interest to offer all of our customers absolute, five star service in every area. We take great pride in making sure you will absolutely love this store. We offer a number of benefits for choosing us, including Giveaways, Loyalty Rewards, Bonuses, random Free Gifts & so much more. We'll be posting the introductions to each new reward in upcoming blogs.
On another note; Couture Exotica, Inc would like to give a great big, warm welcome to Lavender's Dream. And send a thank you shot out to them for all of their hard work in helping get our stores recognized nationally. Thanks guys & gals. You can visit our MD store via this LINK.